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Commercial Outdoor - Light Commercial Umbrella

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Shadowspec Umbrellas Sunshine Coast

Luxury Umbrella Systems

Attractive, Premium quality, Stylish, Trouble-free, Outdoor Shade Umbrellas are our speciality. We supply the Sunshine Coast and Queensland.


What do you mean by trouble-free?

Just exactly that! SHADOW SPEC Outdoor Umbrellas are unique in their class. Commercial Grade umbrellas with a luxurious and functional design.

  • No internal moving parts
  • No internal cables
  • No winding crank systems

These three, common, trouble-causing features of outdoor umbrellas are not only time-consuming and frustrating to repair but also can make the umbrella awkward and wearisome to operate.

SHADOW SPEC’s international award winning, patented, ‘one easy sliding movement’ design for erecting and collapsing the umbrellas is so simple, unbelievably easy and almost effortless, but above all, trouble-free!



Concerned about quality?

Customer assurance and satisfaction is our No. 1 priority.

All SHADOWSPEC outdoor umbrellas are manufactured from premium grade, non-corrosive materials and marine-grade fabrics and build with commercial grade aluminium. They are engineered, wind tested and certified to guarantee exceptional quality and top performance for many years.

And that’s not all…

Every SHADOW SPEC Outdoor Umbrella comes with an extensive warranty for customer assurance purposes.


What are some unique features of the various SHADOWSPEC umbrella models?

  • Built-in LED Lights
  • 360° rotation
  • Multiple umbrellas mounted off just one pole (rectangular and L-shaped shaded areas with just one pole)
  • Wall mounted
  • Tiltable to almost any angle
  • High wind performance
  • Aesthetically attractive, stylish designs
  • Gas-strut assisted deployment
  • Commercial grade Aluminium
  • Commercial grade design 


SHADOWSPEC SU7 Rotating Cantilever Umbrella 





SHADOWSPEC SU3 Wall Mounted Umbrella 



SHADOWSPEC SU6 Multi mast Cantilever Umbrella 



SHADOWSPEC SU8 High wind performance Umbrella 



SHADOWSPEC SU5 Centre Post Cafe Umbrella 



SHADOWSPEC SU8 Windtunnel Test