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Alloy Louvered Awnings

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Alloy Louvered Awnings

Louvre Awnings provide excellent protection from the elements, providing one of the best ways of keeping your home cool during summer. They are designed according to international specifications allowing for maximum light or shade.

With a large range of standard colours to choose from to match your existing colour scheme, combined with the ability to mix and match panels, you can create a unique look for your home of minimising wind rattle and blade movement.



Extraordinary for Commercial and Residential in all applications and screening, there is such a lot that you can utilize Alloy Louvered Awnings. Bring the outside in and make Privacy Screen Solutions for Balconies, Verandas and inside Windows that you so want to make Window Screens, Sunhoods, Separation Screens, and Motorized Vertical Screens. 

Your decision of fixed or flexible aluminium sharp edges gives excellent security from the elements and is perhaps an ideal method of keeping your home cool in summer.


Security from the components: Alloy Louvered Awnings gives protection from the sun, rain and wind, keeping your home warm on cold days and cool in the summer. 

Simple panel replacement: if any of the panels become harmed or damaged, the plan accommodates simple panel substitution without removing the whole awning. 

3 varieties: You can choose from closed, open pitch or flexible louvres with internal or outside controls. 

Complete climate protection: Alloy Louvered Awnings covers are accessible for complete climate protection for your windows.