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Aluminium Venetians

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Aluminum blinds are both affordable and practical. They come in 25mm blades and in different colours, like Bright Silver, Bright Sterling, White Gloss and White Satin. They’re water resistant, so you can install them to any room in the house, including those which often gather moisture like the bathroom and kitchen.

Aluminum Venetian Blinds are available in many traditional and latest colours. Our Aluminum Venetian Blinds give unprecedented and reasonable control of light, temperature, privacy and ventilation.

Change the amount of daylight coming into your room with the slat's easy open and close development. When closed, slats give a 5mm cross-over to increase blockout and protection. 

Our Venetian slates are resistant to the scraped area, stripping, scratching, dulling and staining for life span and low-upkeep.

Moreover, they are super-easy to take care of. Dust can be removed by using a fabric duster or even a vacuum cleaner with a brush connection.