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Commercial Repairs - Awning Repairs

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If your awnings are in need of new parts or repairs, don’t worry. Because of everyday use – opening and closing them, the parts wear and eventually need replacement. It’s best to make sure that the replacement parts you get are of high quality. Substandard parts may be cheaper at the onset, but you will end up replacing them every now and then, making them more expensive in the long run.

Our team of technicians will be more than happy to repair your awning and use only our premium quality replacement parts. You can take it to us, and we’ll repair them either on the spot or in our factory.


Repairs we can do on-site include:

  • Awning fabric
  • Motor
  • Cranks
  • Bottom bars
  • Top tubes
  • Springs


Check the warranty of the fabric and the durability of the motor and cranks. The bottom bars and top tubes should not be prone to corrosion, and springs should be installed and repaired properly by an experienced technician. Whether you need help you repairs or need parts to replace broken ones, please call our office anytime.

For questions, please feel free to call our office anytime.