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Chanel Guide Awnings

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This powder-coated channel guide awning is a great solution for providing shade to an outdoor living area. The tension on the awning fabric can be adjusted by inserting security pins to the desired height. Our team will set the height of the pins to wherever you see approriate.

We use a wide variety of materials for our awnings such as clear PVC, sunblock, and flyscreen. All of our awnings are produced in our factory so we can customize them to fit your preferences.



Channel Guide Awnings are productive and straightforward to use; channel guide awnings are made without zip closures or pull ropes. The channels permit the bottom rail to go all over without a hitch. Contingent upon the application, we can supply spring operated, gear or motorised channel guide awnings. 

All channels are constructed in top-notch powder coats and can even be colour customised to suit your place. 

We have a wide range of colours and styles to select from in predominant UV resistant fabrics. Our awning comes in sunscreen mesh textures provide light block between 90-close to 100% or solution-dyed acrylic in overall block out.