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Commercial Curtains - Components / Options

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Curtains Components and Options

For years, we have been committed to manufacturing and offering only high quality products for your every curtain needs. Browse through our showroom to understand your needs.

We have various types of components such as:

Hand Draw, Wand and Cord Draw
Not every person realizes how to work with cord-drawn curtains. The benefit of hand-drawn is that everybody can use them without reaching a cord. Children and the disabled can pull the curtain effortlessly across the track. Since everyone knows about this kind of curtain system, restaurant owners pick it for the curtains in their restaurants, where visitors worldwide are staying.


Decorator Rods / Tracks
Decorative curtain poles are a great way to make your window coverings more stylish. It can complement any room because they come in different materials – such as wood, PVC or stainless, colours and finishes. You can even add finials to make them more luxurious.


Tiebacks - Rope and Fabric
Tie backs on your curtains enable you to hold back and shape your curtains to frame your windows or doors. We have some lovely styled tie backs rope and fabric in sunshine coast showroom ready for you to take home now, or we can show you the colours and styles available to order.


Fabric Covered Pelmets
Pelmets are known for their aesthetic purpose. You can design it any way you want, from different colors to interesting fabrics. They have the power to make any room look luxurious and polished quickly by hiding the track and pole your curtains are on and visible gap between drapes. However, they also aid in better insulating a room, by shielding the room from possible gaps in the windows.


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