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Alu Awning - Bahama

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Aluminium Horizontal Awning

Genuinely an unmistakable look pivoted at the top just like an awning. It is a vast shutter set over a window with either arm or post help. It helps block the sun and let air ventilation. It is also created to close over the windows giving additional protection during breezy winds or a storm.

Bahama Awnings include a variety of wide flat panels. This awning is the perfect budget solution for concealing windows, a long-lasting and affordable way for covering entryways and Patio spaces. In addition, these awnings are waterproof, giving assurance from every single climate condition.



The pitch can be shifted for these awnings with the placement of the Arms when Installed. The Bahama has smooth, clean, straightforward lines giving it a refined look and comes in various colours.

This shade can be customised to your area and is an incredible choice for large scope Patio awnings.


  • Waterproof at 20 degree pitch
  • Neat clean lines
  • Attractive understructure
  • Protect your window, small patio or balcony


Window Hood Awnings 1620mm and above will be post supported.

Not guaranteed waterproof in extreme weather conditions.