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Alu Awning - Clarendale

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Fixed Aluminum Vertical Awnings

The best method of stopping heat rays through windows is to stop the heat before it reaches the window by installing outside shading; the best awning material is aluminium.

With the customizable Trinidad, the inside control allows you to control your wind flow for the day and retain your privacy. Not exclusively do these awnings become a shading arrangement. They additionally become a plan component of your structure. 

For Sun Protection all year, the Fixed Aluminum Vertical Awnings is the best solution. THey Avoid the sun glare and as yet holding your wind airflow, light or view. They are fixed at a specific point offering high sun protection the entire year.



A very traditional window hood, available in a range of bullnose shapes, colour combinations, side trim panels or closed sides.

  • Gloss white understructure that reflects natural light
  • No unsightly screws or rivets
  • Closed sides, external and internal mitres
  • High strength 50mm x 35mm extruded front beam
  • Recommended minimum pitch 15 degree
  • Optional closed sides (as shown above)