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Commercial Outdoor - Fire Retardent External Fabrics

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Fire Retardent External Fabrics

UPDATE: There are no fabrics in the market that can be tested to comply with 1530.1 due to their inherent nature. The industry does have external fabrics that will comply with 1530.2

The Grenfell towers in London resulted in a range of new construction regulations that have been implemented into the Building Code of Australia "BCA" and s a result of new legislation, and there are many external awnings on or around the structures of Class 2 to 9 buildings, that are not in compliance with modern standards.

Many new building developers have the option of designing into their development at an early stage, a design spec that allows for the installation of awnings. This could also be done retrospectively. To comply a fire engineer would need to be engaged to create a building report to allow shade systems to be designed into it. In some instances, these costs can be offset through cost savings in energy efficiency and more cost-effective glass solutions to a building, and are worthwhile considering.

If you have purchased awnings from one of our businesses in the past, we may be able to supply you or your clients with fire-rated certificates that comply with the new code. If you require a substitute or replacement, then we have a wide range of products that might suit your client's needs. If you require a new fabric skin to comply, then we also might be able to help you.

You can view our Aluminium range of awning hoods on the following page: Call us to make a quote.

We have approved fire-rated fabrics that can be adapted to any of our range of fabric awnings. Call us to make a quote.

Blind makers, Incorporating Home Point and Noosa Screens and Curtains are a Textile and Metal awning, manufacturer and supplier on the Sunshine Coast with a strong industry presence and 23 staff ready to support you with your needs. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

In Summary: There are no fabrics that will comply with 1530.1.  All levels above level two, including ground level should have NO external blinds including straight drop (Zip type) and Folding arm awnings or other fabric canopies attached to the external walls unless they are non-flammable. The definition of a product that is non-flammable requires the substance to withstand 750 degrees for 30 minutes. In short, NOTHING containing combustible material from the third floor and above will be approved.

The first two levels can have fire retardant fabrics. Certifiers have the ability to provide compliance certificates to any existing structure. The original supplier must provide an FR rating for the fabric used in that product and the appropriate application made to a certifier in order for the awning to remain. The Certifier can approve or disapprove most applications with a common-sense approach. If we have installed a product for you, then we may be able to provide you with a flammability test report for your client's awnings or replace them with approved fabrics. Refer to the attached Advisory note or refer to C1.10 of the national Construction code.

We recommend that you always consult your preferred Certifier before completing the installation of any awning on your Class 2 to 9 building and contact them to clarify what can and can't be installed.