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Commercial Outdoor - Metal Awnings

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Metal Awnings

Metal Awnings For Cover And Shade

When you’re looking for superior protection from the sun and weather with a modern touch, adding a Blinds Maker prefabricated steel canopy can provide the look and quality that you desire.

Our Metal Awnings have been used in a variety of ways including providing shade over doorways to protecting a window from the rain and other elements.

Our professional team expertly installed our metal awning, aluminium, and flat metal awnings on your windows, entryways, and patios. They safeguard your windows from the direct rays of the sun, keeping your home, business or working environment cooler in summer and shielding it from rain, snow and adding additional life to your windows and entryways.

Metal awnings are consructed in various materials including, Colourbond, Aluminium and Steel and include:

  • Louvred awnings
  • Hood awnings
  • Patio Shelter
  • Operable roof systems