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Commercial Blinds - Zero Gravity Roller Blinds

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  • Perfectly balanced by design
  • Perfectly weightless in operation
  • The next generation of roller blinds


  • Chain Operation
  • Chainless Operation
  • Motorised Operation

ZeroGravity Chainless option

100% cordless, 100% safe

Chain Operation

If you cannot avoid installing shades that use chains, then the addition of (patent pending) ZeroGravityTM technology transforms the shade into something very different. It’s perfectly balanced, and can be raised and lowered with almost zero effort- no matter how big the shade.

Motorised Operation

If it’s motorised blinds you want, the ZeroGravityTM technology can be easily motorised. Using spring technology that has been perfectly balanced, a small capacity DC motor can lift a blind of almost any size. Batteries will last over 10 times longer (as tested by Blindware) since the motor is doing almost no work to lift the blind when used in conjunction with ZeroGravityTM technology.


Child Safety

It can happen so quickly. Blind safety is about protecting children, something in the hearts and minds of all parents. Blind cords are increasingly on parent’s radar worldwide as a potentially deadly threat to children. New laws are now being introduced in some countries to eliminate cords and chains from blinds to help improve safety. It’s a high visibility issue internationally and affects everyone within the global window coverings industry. Child safety is always on the minds of young couples looking to start a family, or families wanting to increase the safety of their homes. These consumers need the complete peace of mind that comes with knowing their blinds are safe, made without chains and cords that might be hazardous to their loved ones, without having to resort to expensive motorisation options. ZeroGravityTM creates blinds and shades with perfect balance. As a result, the shade can be raised and lowered by simply urging the base rail up or down by hand with almost zero effort. The blind will stop precisely and stay in perfect position. No chains, no cords, completely safe.