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Cord and Pulley / Cafe Blinds

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The Cord and Pulley awning provides coverage for your open-spaced living areas such as the patio or verandah against bad weather. It is available in clear PVC and tinted PVC fabric. Clear PVC does not protect the user from the heat unless a heat resistant fabric is used.

They are fitted in between two posts on the verandah or patio or in front of two posts or pillars. The cord and pulley can be zipped up but is not recommended to be rolled up over a long period of time to avoid creasing of fabric.



Our Cord and Pulley blinds are handcrafted in our showroom to guarantee an exact fit and can be introduced in many places, including covered rooftop places, verandahs and pergolas. Cord and Pulley blinds are otherwise called cafe blinds or patio blinds. 

Manual roll-up blinds are a more budget-friendly option, a similar guideline as cord and pulley blinds; however, without the cord and pulleys, essentially roll-up using hand and protected with a tab at the top. 

Clear and coloured PVC or mesh fabrics are the most well known for the cord and pulley style of outer blind. Other fabric choices include canvas and lightweight acrylic textures.