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Cord and Reel

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Cord and Reel

Cord and real systems are ideally suited to second-floor windows and external because they're durable and easy to operate. Rather than using a crank, spring or motor the user can operate the external blind by pulling on a cord attached to a spindle and then maneuvering the blind upwards or downwards.

Cord and Reel Awnings are fabric awnings that can have an inner control or extended outside rope control. This makes them ideal for second-floor applications as an inner winch can be worked without the need to head outside, or a long rope can be stretched out to the ground floor, empowering you to control the awning at statures past ordinary reach. This kind of awning can likewise be provided with spring arms making them more steady in gentle to medium breezy conditions. 

The fabric alternatives for this awning are acrylic, material, canvas, and clear or PVC. It comes in different levels of clear and in full block out alternatives. In addition, there is a wide range of striped and plain fabrics to suit most homes and workspaces. 

Remember to roll up your awning in high wind and stormy conditions. If you have any questions regarding this system, call our showroom anytime.