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Commercial Curtains - Motorisation for Curtains

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You can now say goodbye to unnecessary cables and wires that don’t make using your awnings and blinds any easier or more convenient. Motorisation is the most modern way that homes and spaces are installing and operating their blinds and awnings. They’re perfect large windows that are to high too reach and big spaces with multiple windows that could take forever to open and close.





Some of motorisation’s most useful features include the following:

  • Remote control- one button to open and close all blinds
  • Timers – set a specific time, like dusk and dawn, for your blinds or awnings to open and close daily
  • Sun sensor – detects when the sun has risen or set, allowing the blinds to open and close accordingly
  • Wind sensor – retracts blinds when there’s sustained wind
  • Multiple motors – blinds and awning are attached to motors that are synced with the remote.


If you also want your home to be this efficient, then let our team of motorisation technicians install motors on your blinds and awnings too. To schedule an appointment, please feel free to call the Home Point showroom anytime.