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Drop Arm / Pivot Arm Awnings

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Drop Arm / Pivot Arm Awnings

The drop arm awning/pivot arm awning provides shade protection only and cannot protect against weather. They are not meant to shield owners from heavy rains and high wind conditions.

We sub-assemble these awnings in our very own factory to guarantee only the best quality products and provide customisation services if customers need any.

Pivot Arm / Drop Arm Awnings are fitted around door or window frame and comprise a retractable blind produced using canvas or mesh texture; This is joined to a frame with arms that turn mostly down the window, link to the outside wall. Pivot Arm and Drop Arm Awnings are accessible with a standard hood, roller just, or cassette finish. 

Our Pivot Arm and Drop Arm Awnings are the ideals for entryways and upstairs windows. Our items are planned given the greatest strength and are equipped for withstanding high breezes and antagonistic climates. We mean to address your issues and surpass your assumptions with the best expectations of value and quality.