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Executive Motorised Large Screens

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Executive Screens are designed for integration into large applications for retrofit or new construction projects. They are the ideal screen solution for oversized openings including covered patios, telescoping walls, large picture windows, and Roman archways.

Executive Screens are versatile as they can be mounted on both the interior and exterior of buildings. The offer insect protection, solar shading, and enhanced privacy.


    Spans up to 8 metres wide x 5 metres high in a single application
    Provides the functionality of a conventional screen, but disappears when not needed
    Increases access to natural ventilation and daylight
    Provides heat reduction and glare from direct sunlight and solar reflective structures
    Reduces energy usage
    Extends the life of interior furnishings by reducing UV-related fading
    Offers numerous finish options, including custom colour matching
    Allows for complete building integration with components that can be recessed into columns and ceiling cavities
    Includes motorised systems that are compatible with home automation systems.



The Executive Screen covers all large application types, including:

    Balconies, Porches, and Verandas
    Alfresco Areas and Patios
    Windows and Roman Archways
    Commercial Applications