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Commercial Blinds - Express Roller Blinds

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Guaranteed 5 Day Turnaround

If you're a DIYer looking to install your first custom-made roller blind, we can help your through the entire process, starting with providing you with great quality blinds. For design and construction professionals who have specific requirements for their blinds, our team will be more than happy to customise according to your specifications.

We can also add different features, depending on the fabric you choose, such as a blackout or light filtering fabric. This service is available over the phone or directly from our factory. Once the customised blinds are finished, you can either pick them up or have our team deliver it to your doorstep for a small, additional delivery charge.

The process is simple. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Pick the fabric you want.
2. Measure the opening of your window, including the width and drop.
3. Order the blinds with your specifications.
4. Pick up the blinds from our showroom and install them.


Made to Measure Blinds and Curtains

All our blinds are made to measure to your exact requirements. That means you don't have have to make the products yourself because you can get them from us, custom-made. If you know your sizes or how to measure for them, then you can easily order them from us, with your specifications listed down.

If you need any help with measuring a blind please follow our instructions below or give us a call if still unsure. We have been operating since 1980 and have lots of experience we can pass on.


Blind Measuring Instructions

You will need a metal tape measure (cloth tapes are not accurate), a pen and paper to write down the sizes. You will need to measure your window in millimeters and decide if you want your blinds to sit inside or face fitted to the outside.


How to measure inside your window reveal. (Inside reveal)

- Measure the inside width of your window in 3 places. Write down the shortest. This is your Reveal width.
- Measure the inside length or drop of your window in 3 places. Write down the shortest. This is your Reveal drop. We will reduce your recess sizes to ensure the blind fits within the opening.

Note: due to the controlling mechanisms on each end of the roller tube there will always be a gap of at least 15 mm between the edge of the fabric and the reveal.


How to measure outside your window reveal. (Face fitted)


- Measure width where you want the blind to be allowing for overlap (usually 10-15cm each side, depending on your needs) Write it down. This is your exact width. You will need to consider the location of the brackets and how you will fix them to your wall or architrave. When measuring Make sure that you have made allowance for these brackets.
- Measure the length where you want the blind to be allowing for overlap (usually 10-15cm top and bottom). This is your exact drop. We will make your blind to these exact overall dimensions and make no allowances.

Be sure to double check and triple check your measurements before ordering. Never take measurements of a plan, as the finished product often varies by a few mm.