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Fashion Wood Venetians

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Made from a polystyrene material, this type of PVC blinds is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms because they do well despite moisture. However, dark coloured variations of these blinds sometimes distort when exposed to too much heat. You can avoid that by making sure they’re not in direct contact with the harsh sun.

FashionWood Venetian Blinds will give your interior an elegant look and correctly complement a broad range of interior styles from moderate to Scandi. Famous because of their blend of style and working picking FashionWood Venetian Blinds for your windows will let normal light enter your space without affecting your privacy.

Our 100% natural FashionWood Venetian Blinds are designed using wood sourced uniquely from dependably managed forest, so you can take advantage of a well designed wooden blind while remaining harmless to the ecosystem. 

Bring the natural magnificence of the outside into your home or office with our FashionWood Venetian Blinds. Our FashionWood Venetians are available in various shades, colours, and tones; wooden blinds range from rustic to contemporary. It's not difficult to perceive any reason why they are one of the most well-known blinds available in the market. 

Fashionwood blinds are available in so many colours, like Alabaster, Cedar, Dark Cedar, Ironbark, Pearl White and White. They’re all in 50mm slats and come as wide as 2,700 mm.