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Fibreglass Mesh

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fiberglass mesh

Fibreglass mesh is a physical barrier against insects and can diminish the amount of sun glare that reaches the living space albeit promoting wafts of natural air to flow through. This product is fabricated from fibreglass yarn coated with PVC, which makes it last longer and also unsusceptible to ultraviolet rays.

Fibreglass mesh will not yield to creasing, denting and unravelling even when subjected to daily activities, thus its application is generally for windows and doors and also extends to gazebos, porches and screen rooms. Can be easily replaced if damaged, this product is truly inexpensive and installation is simple and uncomplicated. 

Fibreglass Mesh is made of perfectly woven fibreglass thread. This sort of mesh is mainly used in rendering plastering for wall reinforcement, outside wall protection and waterproofing of the roof. We offer various types of fibreglass mesh that depend on the usage. Regularly, heavier mesh gives more effective opposition inside the render system, for example, a wall where a football is kicked against it. 

During climate and temperature changes, the outer walls of your home contract and expand because of the warming and cooling measures. Mesh help the structure 'flex' with these structure movements to assist in not allowing cracking. 

The mesh gives extra solidarity to all thin cover render systems and forestalls breaking, so we strongly recommend it, assuming you need to guarantee the stability of your structure.