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Fixed Fabric Frame

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As the name suggests, the fixed fabric frame awning remains in place after installation to withstand against strong weather conditions. They are aluminium-framed with canvas or other solar-resistant products such as the sunbrella.

The frame is secured to the outside of the building and placed over entrances, windows and shop fronts. You can customise the awning based on your preferences and requirements. Give us a call and we will help you through the process.


Our Fixed Fabric Frame Awnings can bring spectacular magnificence to your home. The crunchy lines or natural hues of handcrafted awnings will add an eye-getting style to any home. Realizing that a canopy will fit in practically any space, for any size, and a large number of purposes, gives you a lot of alternatives to work with. Colour decisions? Boundless, similar to our style and plan.

Although Fixed Fabric Frame Awnings are an excellent cash saving investment, if properly installed, they will forestall heat loss by almost 80%!. Just think about the effect this will have on your yearly warming and cooling costs!