Giulio Barbieri – Queensland

Blind Makers Commercial has proudly partnered with Giulio Barbieri. Giulio Barbieri is an outdoor solution provider specialised in manufacturing outdoor aluminium covers, including professional marquees for events, pergolas, sun shade sails, retractable tunnels, carports, and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Giulio Barbieri Mission

The legacy we’ve upheld for over thirty years is a tradition with deep roots, closely tied to the land and its abundance. Our purpose remains true to the essence of cultivating, ploughing, fertilizing, watering, and harvesting. In line with our approach, we nurture human connections and synchronize production with harvest seasons – mirroring the natural cycle. This method has enabled us to craft a design suited to changing markets while establishing a cohesive framework of corporate ethics that generates value and opportunities.

Giulio Barbieri Vision

Our range of products mainly focuses on the ecological aspects of a fresh way of living, where the outdoors signifies being connected to nature, where boundaries vanish and change. Operating with renewable energy sources, our systems are a credible response to the imperative to conserve the world that we collectively inhabit with all living creatures, show it due respect, and maintain its pristine state.

Outdoor – Canopies and Shades