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Commercial Curtains - Inverted Pleat / Reverse Pinch Pleat

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Inverted Pleat / Reverse Pinch / Box Pleat

Made-to-measure Reverse Pinch or Box Pleat Curtains are one of the most popular curtain pleating options because they exude a smart minimalist style that plays well to almost any aesthetic. It fits just as well with a traditional, Aussie home as it does with a more contemporary design.

The construction of the pleat is simply the reverse of the common double pinch pleat and can be added to sheer or lined curtains since they're very versatile. A decorative rod can enhance the design of these curtains and or they can be hung under a valance or pelmet.



An Inverted Pleat is a typical drapery header type that adds texture and profundity to the material while turning the completion of the curtain internal. Opposite of a Box Pleat, which is made while taking profundity, underlay, and dispersing into account.

Inverted Pleat includes two folds brought to a central place of a textile, sewn at the top, and squeezed to make a crisp crease. The Pleat can be enforced utilizing pleater tape and pleater hooks to ensure that the Pleat remains set up and lays appropriately.

The pleater clips are used for a double purpose, as they synch the fabric together to frame and hold the Pleat while likewise having a loop at the opposite edge that permits it to be joined to a rope. Curtains with Inverted pleats can be hung using bar and rings, an uncovered track, a hidden way with cornice, or a bent track.