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Midji Mesh

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Standard mosquito mesh with an aperture size of 1.0mm x 0.9mm is not enough to keep smaller insects out if you live in an area overwhelmed with midjis. The midji mesh is a tighter woven insect screen designed for better protection from midjis and other smaller-sized insects.

The airflow restriction is increased by only less than 10%, 64% for midji mesh compared with 58% for mosquito mesh. Midji mesh has an aperture size of 0.6mm x 0.6mm is made from generally lighter gage mesh.

Midji Screens are appropriate for the home, greenhouse or business use. We frequently find that our midji screens are used in holiday parks, restaurants and hotels, wherein entire midji season, these biting bugs can cause genuine distress and interrupt visitors and clients.

In the home and office, at specific seasons, it is difficult to leave windows or doors open without midges getting in. Our screens permit a cooling breeze while not allowing these irritating pests from getting inside. 

  1. We have a genin midji mesh.
  2. Not allowing these insects like midges,  flies, wasps, mosquitoes, moths, no-see-ums from entering inside your comfort zone. 
  3. Strong, waterproof and straightforward to work with because of being flexible and simple to cut.