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Commercial Curtains - Pencil Pleat

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To introduce a simple but classic look to your space, try pencil pleat curtains. They’re very versatile because they can be made to fit any room, depending on what fabric you choose – from light and breezy look the complements the wave to a warm and cozy look that can be achieved with a smart fabric choice. They come in a wide variety of colours, patterns and materials.

Pencil pleat curtains are consistently spaced and uniform in how they are gathered. However, the effect when it falls is so much more informal and free. The pencil pleats hang the full length of the fabric, giving a beautiful fullness to the curtains. They can be done with loose pencil pleats or tight pencil pleats, both of which create a full appearance.



We can even customise pencil pleat curtains to the size of your window. They all come in 3 inch pencil pleat heading. Although, you can pull the heading to adjust the fullness of the curtains.