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Commercial Shutters - Roller Shutter

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Rollashield Shutters

Roller shutters offer superior blackout features. They are ideal for those homeowners requiring darkened conditions during the day, such as shift workers and stay-at-home mum taking care of their babies.

Roller shutters repel damaging UV rays, protect against ember attacks during bush fires and block rain, hail and flying objects. Each shutter contains stoppers to prevent the curtain from rolling into the pelmet, excessive force will jam the shutters curtain in the pelmet and halt the operation of the product.

Our supplier is already a well-respected participant in an array of markets, including premium grade Aluminium Roller Shutters, Aluminium Louvre Shutters and Screens, Plantation Shutters, Paints, Renders, Textures, Roof Coatings, Solar Hot Water, PV components and Battery Storage Systems for domestic or commercial use.





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