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Screen Enclosures

Everyone wants a feel of the summer breeze from the comfort of their own living room, but no homeowner would jeopardise the safety of their home or family. There are many pests, like insects and rodents, that lurk in the vicinity and enter the home if you are careless. The best solution is to install screen enclosures. High-quality screen enclosures protect you from intruders but allow the cool air to get it.

Just Imagine watching out into the outside without stressing over bugs or weather, and barely see the screen. Our Screen Enclosures give the most extreme permeability, allowing you to pause for a minute or two and take in the outside air moving through your new screened deck room.

Our Screen Enclosures are handcrafted and assembled utilizing simply the best materials – and they're not much expensive and fast to install. The all-aluminium outlining and baked–on triple coat finish are impenetrable to the components.

In addition, we offer a variety of alternatives from which to pick, bringing about an open-air living space that impeccably fit your requirements and your home's design.

They come in different designs and materials, namely fly screens, midjimesh, paw proof mesh and our 316 marine-grade Amplimesh®. We can even personalise the features such as attaching sun filter blinds or even a blockout material according to your preference.