Blind Makers ShadeBox™ Pergolas Queensland

He hugely popular Shaderunner® extends or retracts along Stainless Steel wires, minimizing the need for excessive beams, tracks or structural elements. It is operated by an endless control cord, either manually or with an RTS remote controlled Motor. Large spans can be achieved with minimal support structure (subject to engineer/ structural integrity of support structure).

Offering limitless shading configurations, unmatched aesthetics and ease of use, the stylish shaderunner® system provides the ultimate in durable, controllable shade on demand.

Manual & Motorized operations are available

SHADEBOX™ Aluminium Pergola system

The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. We have agents across Australia who can offer DIY or expert installation. The system features 6005a T5 – 3mm wall Structural Aluminium Cubejoiners™ with exterior powder coat paint in a satin black finish. The joints are welded, not folded, ensuring engineering precision and strength.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living extends your home into the beauty of nature.Expanding your lifestyle into the great outdoors can greatly improve the overall function and beauty of your home while also adding value.SHADEBOX™ covers a broad range of outdoor living solutions and can be customised to suit individual preferences.



It is used with a centre post, bar top, or pull-down blinds when you need a doorway opening or walk-through.


It is a socket joiner, used for handrails or vertical balustrade posts.


It is a socket joiner, designed for all external corners.


It is a three-socket joiner used to connect two kits or a vertical static shade screen.


It is a four-socket joiner used when you need to connect multiple kits or create an “L” or “U” shaped structure.


It is a deep socket designed to secure SHADEBOX to the ground or wall.

Patio & Deck Shading

This double SHADEBOX™ boasts a stylish “Monument” powder coat finish that looks great in any outdoor space. The “Platinum” sunscreen roof fabric provides excellent shade, keeping you cool and comfortable on hot days.SHADEBOX™ can be built in any configuration, whether it’s square, rectangular, U-shaped, or a combination of multiple kits to create a unique solution for your space.You can choose from Aluminium Woodgrain, Solid Colour, or Timber Beams and Posts.


SHADEBOX™ can be built in any configuration. Our Cubejoins™ are designed to allow various setups for your SHADEBOX Modular Pergola System. Made from 6005A – T5 Structural Aluminium, they feature a standard black textura powder-coated finish that lasts for years.Our Cubejoins™ fit all 90 x 90 exterior dressed timber or the exclusive 90 x 90 Cubebeam™ and Cubeposts™. All Cubejoins™ are available for purchase separately.

Compatible With Merbau Or Pine Posts

You can also use any type of exterior dressed timber.Merbau offers a rich, warm appearance that enhances any surrounding. If you prefer a painted finish, simply use dressed pine.We recommend using a good quality oil or paint finish when using timber.

Shadecube Retracta Roof

Our RETRACTAROOF smoothly retracts using a discreet cord system when not in use.It moves effortlessly on 316 Stainless Steel pulleys for seamless operation.With powder-coated Aluminium roof supports and 316 stainless steel wire guides and fittings, it’s built for durability.It offers 93.1% UV protection and a 93.8% shade factor, meeting AS4174-1994 standards.

Fabrication & Welding


All CUBEJOINS™ & CUBEBEAMS™ are Australian Made. Fabricated, Jigged, and Welded Aluminium to maintain quality and strength. Each SHADEBOX™ component undergoes quality control during and after production. Australian Woodgrain & Solid Colour Powder-coating. Buying Australian made not only supports the economy but also Australian business and jobs. Why buy cheap imported goods when 100% Australian Made is available at affordable prices?


This is our actual powder-coated timber finish!Choose from 5 Timber Woodgrain powder-coated finishes. Our range also includes standard solid colours.Woodgrain powder coating is extremely hard-wearing and never needs painting, staining, or refinishing! Our 90 X 90 CUBEBEAMS are all manufactured from 6005A – T5 Structural Aluminium.Solid powder coating is available in 5 standard colours. Custom powder coating to any Colorbond colour is available as a special order.

H4 Ground Treated Timber

Our SHADEBOX™ system eliminates the need for unsightly large bolt and nut combinations. A manufactured H4 ground treated timber screw block is attached inside both ends of the CUBEBEAMS and CUBEPOSTS. This enables easy installation with powder-coated galvanized nut drive timber fixings.We also include water jet-cut, folded nylon shim sleeves that allow for easy installation of the CUBEBEAMS & CUBEPOSTS without damage to the powder-coated surface and also assist in keeping them plumb.

Retractaroof QM5 Sunscreen

QM5 Alpaca

QM5 Basalt

QM5 Blackstone

QM5 Flint

QM5 Mocha

QM5 Monument

QM5 Moonlight

QM5 Platinum

Aluminium Woodgrain & Solid Colour Range


Sandy tones with a limewash accent.


The heartwood timber varies in colour from dark reddish brown to yellowish brown, with irregular streaks.

Atlantic Cedar

Pale Warm Brown hues with a hint of Green.

Honey Willow

Pale Honey sapple tones.

Silver Ash

Light shades of grey with pewter tones throughout.

Jasper Solid

Mid base contemporary brown.

Surfmist Solid

Sea, Surf & pure white sand.

Black Solid

Deep, dark black.

Monument Solid

Ever popular “city” colour. Monument is a stylish charcoal grey.

Paperbark Solid

Inspired by the Paperbark tree, with Sandy tones.

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