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Shade Sail

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Shade Sails


Have the best of both worlds with shade sails. Why? Shade sails are practical outdoor shades that let you experience the freshness and liveliness of the outdoors while at the same time keeping you cool and comfortable as if you are indoors. It repels excessive heat and glare through its quality and strong fabric. When you use shade sails, you never have to set up bulky umbrellas.

This compact shade can be permanently hooked on your roof or any freestanding poles you have at home. Plus, you can bring shade sails outdoors to make your outdoor activities away from home as comfortable as it can be. Shade sails are multi-purpose. You can use them to protect your car and furniture from harsh elements coming from the outside.

Shade sails are also great ornaments for your backyard. The stylish geometric design is discreet but beautiful enough to blend in with the rest of the backdrop.

If you’re thinking of getting your own shade sails, evaluate the following factors for you to get the most out of this fantastic product:

  • Direction of Sun Site conditions

  • Seasonal wind conditions

  • Required coverage of shade for the entire year

  • Required level of UV protection