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Blind Spring

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Blind Spring

Spring loaded blinds are practical for any homeowner. It has a simple mechanism and straightforward design. They don’t come with looped cords or other hazards that typically make it bad for homes with kids or pets.

Instead, the spring loaded blinds from Home Point are equipped with an automatic roll system, similar to Holland blinds. The mechanism has a controlled incline and roll up rate. They can also be customized to fit the size of your window perfectly.

Spring Loaded Blinds are considered an optimal choice for window dressings. For an extensive period, these blinds have been used in the home and office climate. Spring Loaded Blinds are a precise yet elegant item, functional for pretty much any circumstance and accessible in a fabric to suit any inside stylistic layout and financial plan. In addition, Spring Loaded Blinds can be controlled by a chain.



  • Aluminium pipe with self texture grip, market standard steel pipe with bolts to hold texture – longer life 
  • More grounded entirely imported mechanism – longer life bothers free to use. 
  • The heavier yet sleeker layout of the bottom made of aluminium, market standard PVC – permits more uncomplicated and cover activity. 
  • These Room Darkening Roller Shades are incredible for shutting out undesirable light. 
  • With light controlling fabrics, you can shield your home from colour-damaging UV rays as well as decrease sun glare. 
  • Dark covered to accomplish complete darkness.
  • Experience a clear view without sun and UV rays.
  • at the point when vanes are open, light is gently filtered through sheer fabric panels 
  • High privacy
  • No glare on TV and screens 
  • Perfect curtains backing screen 
  • Take the least space when blinds are raised. 
  • Upkeep free
  • Easily launderable