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Spring Awning

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Spring Awning

The spring awning is spring loaded with a very easy pull-down and hook design. They are fitted in between two pillars or decks as well as in the reveal of a window frame.

However, if you are thinking of fitting the awning on the face of a wall, we suggest you to get the Hook and Loop tabs to prevent the awning fabric from rubbing against the wall (preventing wear and tear). We usually allow 150mm over each side of the window reveal to allow us to secure the awning to a brick ( not in between mortar) or to a wooden substrate.



Automatic Lock Arm Awnings has a spring stacked top roller, and guide rails fitted flush to the wall with standout arms. The Awning is controlled by guiding the arms in upward and downward rails direction. It will lock automatically when the arms are moved in a 90-degree position.

From the outside, the Awning operated by hand opposes high breezes. It is ideal for ground floor applications, thin walkways, and circumstances requiring the Awning to be as near the window as expected. 

Spring Operated Straight Drop pull-down using hand or for higher installed blinds utilize the pull-down pole. The blind gets tension due to spring the moment you pull down the blind. This blind is intended to be pulled down to a hand-rail, where the base rail can be connected to snap hooks.