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Commercial Outdoor - Wave Shade

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Wave Shade


The great outdoors will never get old. It will always be a perfect venue for some activities such as group dinners, birthday parties, and wedding receptions. Everything seems to look lively and fun outdoors. But sometimes unpredictable weather changes can interfere with all the fun.

Blind Makers Wave Shade system retracts the shade during dire times. This also makes installation and disassembly a simple task to perform. It saves more time and effort. It does not steal your attention from the occasion so you can still enjoy and be a good host without worries.

It has a standard size that can suit many applications. However, customization can be done too if you wish it. This wave shade is versatile and placement is possible in many ways. The design is charming enough to complement any event motif. It’s also available in many color choices!

Wave Shade is made of aluminum to survive the weather conditions of the coast. In addition, you also receive a 10-year warranty whenever you purchase this amazing product.