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Commercial Curtains - Wavefold

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Wavefold / S Fold

Are you looking for an elegant and subtle way to cover your windows? Try installing wavefold curtains. They have a soft wave or ripple effect when they’re hung on a rod. You’re able to observe this feature on your drapes fully when you pull them back and the rod completely disappears under the mass of gathered fabric. This ‘wave’ effect is created via two options – wave hook or wave stud.

The wavefold effect can be done in a wide variety of fabrics – with many colours, textures and patterns. Depending on the fabric you choose, they can either make a room look bright, open and sunny or warm and cozy.

Excellent quality custom curtains can likewise cause a space to seem more significant than it is. Our handcrafted drapes, sheers and shades are an incredible protector for your home; they can control the light in your home and assist with accomplishing your plan vision. 

Change any room into an originator masterpiece utilizing wave fold. Our specialists are experts in giving plan directions. We source the best quality items and use just perceived industry-driving brands for our Wave Fold and S Fold sheers and curtains.