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Wester Red Cedar Venetians

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Venetian Blinds are a lovely expansion to any room. We provide entirely customised Venetian blinds as per your demand and requirements. They are uniquely designed in a wide range of materials, colours, mounts and control positions. Venetians are ideal for any area, whether private or business, offering a stylish, contemporary, or customary look. 

Our Venetian Blinds are handcrafted for our local climate and convey genuine energy efficiency. Venetians give the most extreme ventilation and light when open and complete privacy when closed with the capacity to be brought and raised down to suit your requirements.

Most people would credit Western Red Cedar Blinds as the most premium, attractive and durable type of Venetian blinds you could ever get for you home. They’re right. They come with naturally good insulation quality, high resistance to twisting or warping and strong slats that are all at least 4mm thick.

Whether you decide to paint over the natural robust color or furnish it with oil, lacquer or lime on top, they will always add warmth to any home.

The conventional, well known and pursued Western Red Cedar Venetians is a complicated item to find. However, we can make Western Red Cedar Venetians in a wide range of colours and sizes. Western Red Cedar is a lightweight material and can adapt well in wet, sticky conditions.