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Wireguide Awnings

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Wire guide awnings are strong and simple, making them perfect for outdoor areas such as terraces, poolside or verandahs. They are also often used in businesses, such as restaurants and bars.

A strong, practical and simple system, with a heavy duty, crank handle operation. They offer precision control when opening or retracting the blind, heavily reducing damage and non-retraction in extreme conditions

Our extensive collection can accommodate a range of tastes and building styles. These awnings are manufactured entirely in our factory and are custom made to suit your needs.



As its name, Wire guide awnings are a self-adjusting framework where wire ropes on either side of the awning guide the fabric up/down, making delightfully controlled movement. These super-functional awnings are ideal for every external place, as fixing points can be secured to the ground instead of straightforwardly onto walls.

In addition, wire guides worked by using a crank framework, which can be automatically or manually used, making them so simple to control.