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Zip Screen® Awnings

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Zipscreen awnings are specially designed for extending indoor areas into the outdoors and protecting those open areas from all the elements. This addition is integral, especially with the Australian climate. It shields you from the heat during the summer and the hail, snow, and rain come the colder seasons.

Whether you opt for motorised or manually controlled crank or spring operation, Zipscreen outdoor patio blinds make all-weather entertaining effortless. The simple yet stylish design can integrate seamlessly with any home, office or outdoor area.


Key features include:

  •     Fully-enclosed, stylish square box cassette
  •     Seamlessly integrates into existing outdoor decor.
  •     Protection from sun, insects, and rain
  •     Range of control options
  •     Hardware can be powder-coated to suit your decor



The hardware components of Zipscreen all weather blinds include:

  •     An optional enclosed square cassette box
  •     Slim line brackets
  •     Unique self-aligning 26 mm wide side channels with a flat and grooved dual surface
  •     A bottom strip that reduces gaps at the bottom of the frame
  •     Flat weight bars in various designs
  •     A hidden z-LOCK function, ensuring no gaps between the fabric screen and side channels, whilst providing a secure guided movement that won't blow out in the wind